Linguistic Assistance
(Conference and Consecutive Interpretation,
Translation, Dubbing, Voice-Over)
Welcome to the world of Conference Interpreting and Translation.

My name is Vera Koldaeva and I have been working in the field since 2005.

My ultimate professional duty is to convey your message in the way that it is best understood. Also, an interpreter not only offers linguistic support, but also acts as a mediator and facilitator to help you achieve your communication goals.


Please, provide detailed information about your event, purpose thereof (i.e. training, seminar, conference, product release, media event, etc.) and the audience expected, so that we could discuss and agree on the type of interpretation that will suit you best.

Additionally, should you require dubbing or voice-over for you audio- or video-files, I would be happy to help with them as well.

Should your project require a team of interpreters and/or technical equipment I would be happy to help you handle it.
Conference Interpreting
CONFERENCE INTERPRETING runs simultaneously with the speaker's talk. Interpreters, at least two, work from a booth in shifts of 20 minutes each, and the audience listens to the interpretation through earpieces.

Whispering is a kind of conference interpreting with a simplified set of equipment used. Rather than sitting in a booth and listening to the speaker through a headset, interpreters stand in close proximity to the loudspeakers and interpret in a small microphone similar to those city/museum-guides use. The audience still listens to the interpretation through earpieces.
Consecutive Interpreting
CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETING is made by one or two interpreters, in shifts of an hour or so. An interpreter stands close to the speaker and interprets every two or three sentences while the speaker pauses.

Used primarily in film industry it often happens that business requires dubbing or voice-over of their audio or video materials created for commercial or educational purposes. As an interpreter I could either make a live voice-over or prepare a translation of your script for subsequent dubbing or voice-over.
Background and Experience
Moscow State Linguistic University (class of 2007)
Department of Translation and Interpretation (English, Norwegian, Russian)

Wide variety of industries: business, civil engineering, business aviation, IT, mining, steel and alloys, education, professional sports, psychology, marketing, hr, arts, design, sales, fashion and beauty, etc.

Introduction into Dubbing by Helena Pirogova (

Detailed CV is available upon request.

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